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Times are crazy, don’t you know
It’s a hard life to live in Rock and Roll
All the people laying on the streets
They’re just going after that crazy beat

Well, think about ICON and I’m his tool
it’s just, you don’t find it in the living pool
Don’t you know that it’s a caught up thing
She goes out and out in this misery

I heard it on my radio
All the way to Chicago man
It was playing on my radio
The “X” from the Mex crossing Texas
Across the border you know

And I heard Dr. Brinkley’s mighty wind
Blowing through the USA, and everything’s OK
It’s just a taste of southern hospitality
Waves across the Rio

Beautiful and free…

I’m going down to Mexico
I’m gonna drink a little bit of Tequila
I’m gonna dance with the Senoritas
And let it flow

I’m going down to Mexico
I’m gonna party like a foriegn gringo
I’m gonna smoke a little bit of the brown weed
That they grow

Lyrics and Music by Dave Ryder and Dan McHugh.
Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Drums: Kent Hall

Screenplay Brief: